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Bookkeeping Service (90 days)

Whether you're an experienced handicapper looking to ease the burden of tracking your bets or if you are simply looking to get serious in betting sports, we're here to get you organized!


We all know it is tough to keep track of tickets in the middle of a viewing party or a busy casino, so that's where we come in! Simply screenshot or take a picture of your ticket, send it to us, and we will take care of the rest!


Keeping track of your bets has never been easier!

Details in bookkeeping cover:


Full Profit/Loss statement (+/-)

  • overall win/loss record & win percentage
  • weekly plus/minus
  • separate tracking for parlays, futures, & straight bets
  • average win/loss per
  • average wager


Personal Individual Records

  • favorites/underdogs/totals/Moneylines/ATS
  • separated sports records
  • tracking current streaks


Betting Tendencies

  • where are you betting (sportsbook)
  • what are you betting (sport)
  • who are betting on (teams)
  • straight bet to parlay ratio


Benefits from tracking your picks through us:

  • quick and simple service type- just send your selection, and we will track it
  • three weekly stat sheet updates of your personal selection records and percentages
  • more time to research games and less time putting your numbers together
  • knowing your own stats and tendencies at the top of your head
  • making proper betting adjustments to maximize profits and minimize losses
  • never betting recklessly again
  • improved betting approach
  • better understanding of the sports betting market 
  • learning the importance of line shopping and always finding true value
  • free sports betting consultation (optional)
  • post your selections on our website for exposure (optional)


This service includes a full spreadsheet of your account which is made available and emailed to you every Monday & Friday. If you choose to have your selections viewed by the public, only selections verified through text and/or email will be posted online.*


*Only selections, win/loss record, monthly win/loss, and plus/minus will be shown online.

Bookkeeping Service (90 days)

  • Refunds will be dealt on a case by case basis.

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