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Weekend Redemption- High Roller

Bet big, win big! Receive 9 of our top play selections and to guarantee you don't leave empty handed, receive $500 if we lose 5 selections during your plan. The best option for the sports better who doesn't bet frequently but wants to make make money now rather than later. 


In Vegas for the weekend? Leave home a winner!


- 9 Lock 'em Down selections

- Detailed analysis with each selection

- $500 refund per 5 games lost during plan

- Complimentary 2-night stay at our selected hotel in Las Vegas

Weekend Redemption- High Roller

  • All daily selection(s) will be emailed. If you would like a text delivery, please enter your number at checkout or through email once the purchase confirmation is sent to you. Your selection(s) are delivered at minimum 1.5-2 hours (on average: 5 hours) before the start time on your selected game.

  • All sales are final. No Refunds on any selections or packages. Credit(s) will be awarded if game(s) are rued NO ACTION. The $500 refund referring to the 5 losses during Redemption plan, applys to Top Play selections losses only.

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